From Argentina to the Val di Fiemme: the story of Maestro Fabio Figliola

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Fabio Figliola travelled thousands of kilometres before reaching Val di Fiemme. In your suitcase and in your heart, with him always a racket. Because tennis is the common thread of the life of the head of the Fiemme Fassa Tennis School of the Tennis Club of Predazzo since the summer 2019.

Born in Argentina in 1966, Daughter started teaching tennis on her own 18 years. For years he worked first in Campania, then in Tuscany, and then move for a time also to Barcelona. Back in Italy, found himself having to choose from multiple options: "I decided to come to Predazzo because I was presented as a healthy circle. It took me a few days to realize that here I would find a nice place to live, a lot of availability, passion and many people who dedicate their time to tennis and youth activity", Tells.

"My goal – fully shared by the management of the Tennis Club of Predazzo – is to create a tennis school of quality and quantity. I think it's critical to have a broad base of kids and kids playing tennis to have fun and exercise. For this reason, for years the Club has been 18 18 years in the Coni School-Sport project, that allows us to get to know each other from elementary school students. On this basis, then, you can find those who want to do competitive and who are ready to commit to try to achieve good results. The numbers tell us we're on the right track, helped also by the excellent moment that Italian tennis is experiencing. Just think that last summer we followed 280 Kids, then unfortunately anti-Covid regulations led us to reduce indoor winter activity. The real limitation for us is, however, insufficient number of fields available".

Currently the Club has two covered fields at the Sporting Center and three outdoors in Rododendri: "We would need at least more 3 Fields, of which 2 indoor. In addition, we would need a gym for the winter, especially now that the tennis school has an athletic trainer at its disposal, Peter Daniel. In addition to many children and young people practicing for fun and pleasure, we also have some young people who are getting good results. The room for growth for them and for the Circle itself is still wide, but it was difficult to do so precisely because of the structural limitations. More fields would also allow national and international exchanges, in addition to having potential benefits also at the tourist level".

Almost two years after arriving in Predazzo, Little daughter is very satisfied with the choice made: "Here I found people who love tennis and who dedicate themselves to the Club with passion in order to offer a quality service to members and opportunities to children and young people. The common intention is to strengthen the role of the Circle also at the social level, making it a point of reference for the territory".

Listening to him tell his projects and his story, it's clear that for him this is not just a job: "Tennis saved me in some difficult times, as during the military period spent in Argentina. It's really my life.".